Wednesday, May 18, 2011


We departed Norfolk's Waterside Marina this morning at 0840 and arrived at Deltaville at 1500. It took an hour to tie up and off load all the perishables and get a ride home. Both my front tires on my car were low on air, and I immediately turned the water heater up to a high temp setting. I washed all the pollen of the car, filled the tires with air and shopped for groceries for a party this evening with the neighborhood friends. A looooong shower felt good. I can hear Nanc entertaining everyone as I write this. It is good to be home. S

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Marcnicliz carried us back to "Ole Virginia"

We departed Carlene and DK's on Monday at 0725 and arrived at the Alligator River Marina at 1715. The TV would not pick up Dancing With The Stars, the cable did not work, nor the WIFI. I went to bed while the "Girls" made "Cabin Boy Joe" work to their beck and call.! We departed this morning at 0710, motor sailed across the Albemarle Sound and up the ICW thru many bridges, one lock to Waterside. Had a que of 4 power boats and 5 sailboats fighting to be the first thru the bridges. Docking was interesting due to the wind and an extremely tight space to turn into a strong wind to tie to the dock. I almost swiped the side of a Canadian's boat, but no marks or scars. Arrived at 1920. Had a guy cut right in front of me yesterday at the bottom of the Alligator River, and I could have T-boned him. He waves as he went by. Probably a nice guy who doesn't know crap about boating. Nanc and Cathy are watching the results of Dancing with the Stars, and Joe and I are having a stiff rum and coke. S

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Friends everywhere or Carlene and DK's dock

We departed Beaufort, NC at 0845 and motored to Sea Scape and refueled and added water and were back on the ICW in 15 minutes; not a record but a good average. We sailed to the Pamlico River and were planning on going to the entrance to Pungo Alligator River Canal. As we sailed by the mouth of the river, I called Carlene and told her I was knocking on her front door. Nanc had told me they had gone to Columbus to see their daughter Bonnie. Nope, she had it wrong and they were in Washington at their condo. We turned left and arrived at their dock at 1755 after sailing up the river at 8.2 knots with a howling wind. We are tied to the dock, with the AC going full blast and having a Rum and Coke. Life is good. S

Saturday, May 14, 2011


We departed Southport Marina at 0930 after Cathy and Joe had a tour of the quaint little town. We motor/sailed up the Cape Fear River into a 4 knot head current. After encountering all the weekend crazies who own boats, but no knowledge of the water ie huge wakes, etc, we went outside again at Masonboro Inlet and sailed to Beaufort/Morehead City. Made 8.4 knots most of the way, and up to 8.8 at the end as we surfed down the following waves. We had a rough ride the last hour as we sailed into the inlet with 5/6 foot waves on the beam after dark, thus Bling and Chico's! Nanc cooked a pot roast in the pressure cooker and we ate at 2230, drinks before. S

Friday, May 13, 2011

A Spinnaker kind of day or more Bling

We departed Charleston at 0635 and motor sailed to Southport, NC and saved two days of ICW agony, but arrived after dark. The wind was behind at 8 to 10 knots, so up went the spinnaker for 8 to 10 hours, and increased the boat speed by a knot. One knot over 10 hours is equal to and hour and 20 minutes less travel time. Wore Joe out as you can see. The weather forecast was dead on except for a decreasing wind which happened much later than forecast. As those of you who have read our previous blogs know, sailing after dark results in jewelry for Nanc. Had Joe on the foredeck with a light to see the unlit day markers. We are tied to the dock at Southport Marina for the AC vice on anchor, but we will now tour the town in the morning. Stiff drinks are the order of the evening, as the humidity drops inside Marcnicliz. We hope to make Clair's tomorrow night for shrimp. Life is good. S

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Charleston at anchor

We got underway at 0815 this morning and motor sailed off and on. The wind blew us down the Coosaw river at 9 knots and then came the narrow channels and low water. We hit bottom one time, but moved on thru while scraping barnacles off the bottom of the keel. We are anchored short of Charleston this evening and will go to the Charleston City Marina in the morning and tour around, wash, and get a few vittles. Dinner at Magnolias. Friday we will motor up the ICW to Georgetown. S

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Beaufort and the Big Chill Tuesday

We departed Steve's dock at 0800 and made the Causton Bluff Bridge at 0900. It is the only bridge between there and Beaufort that has to open for Marcnicliz to pass thru. I got to spell Marcnicliz, again! We made the City Dock at 1355 and sent Cathy and Joe off on a city horse and carriage tour. The "Big Chill House" is here. Part of Forrest Gump was filmed here, also. Nanc and I walked the main street shops, and we all had dinner at Panini's, a super place. We are tied to March Harbors dock with the AC running and looking at 65 miles tomorrow to Charleston. We had a super sail past Hilton Head and down the Port Royal Sound with 18 knots of wind. There is quite a current here and large tidal range. We passed many shallow spots getting here, but I have them marked and we never hit bottom once. I talked a guy on another sail boat from Halifax, Nova Scotia thru several of them. The secret is where to be in the channel, and when. I will probably be hard aground tomorrow for bragging. S